What happened to my blogger theme????

Noticed that from yesterday, the theme that I have selected was not showing any of the background images reason not known but
 http://www.webpagedesign.ws/jeans3c/content-bg.jpg was showing I think that they stopped hosting images for bloggers or is it that they are undergoing some maintenance work. I ll keep this theme for little bit more.
Hope infocreek is doing good.

Wifi config - Airtel Beetel 450bx1 vs BSNL wa3002g4

Everytime the Dell vostro comes in contact with the new router some changes are inevitable..
Different routers support different types of WiFi network security such as WPA/ WEP

The Vostro configuration to be carried out is

Different router with altogether different security config needs to have a different config on the vostro notebook and if the spec is not given then it's a 5 step job instead of 1 step.

Home made nuclear reactor

home made reactor

It looks and sounds simple... only if able to do it without much of a fuss - FUSS here denotes blasting neighborhood out of the planet earth.

One valid point put is
"The best dang free energy machine I have ever seen. Of course the United States Government does not want regular people to have free energy because if people could be totally independent from major businesses and corporations, make their own shelter without going in debt, grow their own food, make their own energy, make their own transportation without going in debt ect... If people could do this then they would not need to work. If people did not work they could not pay taxes and keep the economy and of course government going. Are you worried? Your United States Government is very worried and they are taken steps to prevent this. Its a threat to all those in power and to all those that are rich."
It's nice to have a place of your own - have the freedom to do whatever is liked and whenever you want, No questions asked.. will desist from making any sort of political statement that will brew into an ugly scenario...
For the time to come I' ll be updating my personal space.
For blog it's gnumen.org/blog

Testing using Scribefire

yep its working

Lauched my scratchbox - gnumen.org

If I where to make use of the default cms package that came with the hosting company it would have been less scratchy but since the site was in the localhost with all the MySQL database, had to export and import the database then change the settings in the drupal. ofcourse uploading the local drupal to the public domain. Thanx to Rob of awakenedvoice for the valuable tip.

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