Restriction of views2 in Drupal6

Even the views2 of drupal6 comes with some contrains on the type of query it can execute.
for eg in case of the displaying number of nodes for a term of blog type node some of query clause or fuctions are to be used are count() and group by

select count(node.nid) as nid, as term_data_name, term_data.vid as term_data_vid, term_data.tid as term_data_tid from node node left join term_node term_node on node.vid = term_node.vid left join term_data term_data on term_node.tid =term_data.tid where (node.status <> 0) and (node.type in ('blog')) group by term_data_name;

It was really good to have a go at drupal - Installation, setting the working env, adding modules, themes, working for the (crappy) look but behind the scene there are so many tables that are created and queried

website creation - what else do you want....

It is very simple to host a site with so many cms available that too a dynamic website. I can vote for drupal since I am using it. But if you want to get to have a look and feel of what you have in mind better be ready to get your hands dirty with scripts we can have respite not to type in long lines of code. just eeny viieny. bit html, css be ready to dive in the php pool.
It was really simple to get the look n feel with bit of css and html editing. Lots of features are available in the form of a module.
Interesting:- there are more than one way to get things done. let your imagination run wild.
I have included an image gallery with the 3rd party image hosting site (yet to acheive the desired result), contact form with webform, DPM, blog (it goes without saying) and many more.
A screenshot of creepy look of a site done using drupal.

Design your own home....

Its fairly simple to design your own home
If you want the home to be made the way you want it then make use of tool called 3D home architect.. it's really cool - it allows a 3D perspective of the design - allows us to hover and take a walk thru the virtual space.unfortunately its available for windows only. :(