Before even covering the aforementioned Q1, Q given below are satisfied by Q1..

  • What if Mr X don't want whatsapp on mobile 24x7 hogging up battery life, just need it for indoor communication purposes. (or)
  • What if touch-screen display is smaller in smartphone, need larger display for better accessibility(or)
  • Don't need the whole of contact/address book to be listed in whatsapp.(or)
  • Can it be installed on other form factors like laptop or desktop with linux/Win? - Yes, with a virtual full android env available on such machine, whatsapp can be installed

  • In a non-smartphone devices like tablet(HP slate 7 beats special edition) which runs android(android version 4.4.2), download the WhatsApp.apk from
  • Run the prg
  • Follow the On screen Instructions .. see below for the various steps involved.

Whatsapp will gather the contact information from the device(skype, email, hangout) Inorder to add mobile number use contact+ app from google store(include the screeshots from the tablet).