•  Turn off the tablet

  • Use power(1) + vol up(2) to enter the bootloader menu option
select recovery kernel 

  • it will enter "no command" screen

Press power button first and vol up button once.
It will enter android system recovery.

  • Select wipe cache partition
after the operation, reboot system.

  •  Turn off Moto G3 power button(1)

  • Use Hard reset button (volume down(2) + power(1)) to enter the bootloader menu

  • Select recovery mode by using vol up or down confirm by pressing power

  • it will enter "no command" screen, press power button first and then vol up button once
It will enter the android recovery option

Select Wipe cache partition by using vol up or down and confirm by pressing power 

Select Yes to wipe


 One can find the info here(https://www.hardreset.info/devices/oneplus/oneplus-2/wipe-cache/). Its replicated here(redundancy is good).

  • Turn off OP2 by pressing power(1)

  • Use hard reset button(volume down(2) + power) to enter the bootloader menu
It will enter the the boot option (language selection)
in this mode select the language using vol up or down and power to confirm

  • select wipe data and cache 

  • Select wipe cache and confirm by pressing power

  • reboot