Restriction of views2 in Drupal6

Even the views2 of drupal6 comes with some contrains on the type of query it can execute.
for eg in case of the displaying number of nodes for a term of blog type node some of query clause or fuctions are to be used are count() and group by

select count(node.nid) as nid, as term_data_name, term_data.vid as term_data_vid, term_data.tid as term_data_tid from node node left join term_node term_node on node.vid = term_node.vid left join term_data term_data on term_node.tid =term_data.tid where (node.status <> 0) and (node.type in ('blog')) group by term_data_name;


ryan said...

I don't get it. Are you saying this is a good thing ?

I briefly read your comment as im looking to get views 2 on drupal 6 to STOP using COUNT at all.

Sure I'll find my way to it after a few more searches but was wondering about what your message here is ;)

Ranjit Pillai(InDi3MInD) said...

drupals built in select are limited and I know that it is not possible to include everything. One would have include some (dirty) hacks to get in the needed result(open source.. bazinga!!!). I just logged down what I wanted but couldn't find in views in those days :).

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