Viewing in GUI and a cmd line based browser.


An era(exhibitionist) where looks is what all matters there is a cmd line browser links(there are others too)  which obviously displays only the content . Only if people were interested in reading who would have given a thought about the GUI (css, images, colors). Ask any content render-er how much time it takes to think(conceptualise), write(involves proof reading), then submit in a public domain and you won't get a definite answer because it is not time frame based. All these with my reputation of being a notorious bad spelling:).
I would have just spend my time on the content only if cmd line browser existed but since it merely is not existing among the gui browsers. Now a days it is more than a necessity to have a "punch line" gui and what better than my own face...HoHoHo
Have a look at the sreenshots of non gui and gui display of and decide for yourself which will the general public accept.


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