Its extremely simple to setup a site and add few 3rd party scripts which works at first but after few years some might go away without creating issues(eg: feedjit) while one(eg: widgetbox) of them will lead to something like the whole site being redirected to another site(Why on earth would they do that). Its important to keep track of how your site is behaving, every now and then.

Once in a while reviewing ncsu for some "Yet To Do" work, to my dismay, was redirected to another parked site. Productforum(link below) rightly pointed out the solution. By removing the HTML/Javascript gadget which contains the script related to widgetserver.

This is the page to which was directed


Login you blogger account and select layout.

Start searching for HTML/Javascript gadget containing the unscrupulous script.!topic/blogger/-zYY3ZJQhaw


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