Somehow I figured out the way to newly install windows XP home edition along with ubuntu.

Problematic scenario
Had ubuntu intrepid along with winXp but at the time of newly installing windows screen went blank at "Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration" and there was no response atall besides that the "press any key to boot from cd...." never use to come.. क्या हो रहा है

fdisk -l (o/p)

/dev/sda1 1 1147 fat32
/dev/sda2 1148 14593 Ext
/dev/sda5 2295 2306 linux
/dev/sda6 2307 8385 linux
/dev/sda7 8386 8871 swap
/dev/sda8 8872 14593 linux
/dev/sda9 1147 2294 fat32

Solved:- जैसे मन में आया
Using ubuntu live CD deleted the Win partition and newly installed ubuntu keeping the home partion intact (since intrepid was giving me some trouble related to network - static/dynamic). Now I was able to get over the problem and was able to create partitions using win partitioner, but at the time of instation it would again enter into the "Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration" and would start again॥ soo i did the the ubuntu installation again which got the windows entry in the bootloader and selected the wind option now enter the win boot cd and continue with the installation.. Remember to remove the win boot cd at the time of restarting..

कारन :- I am not even able to fix the MBR using windows cd.. I ll post some images related to this event


Ranjit Pillai(InDi3MInD) said...

I freshly installed everything. In that I made sure that i use the ubuntu partitioner because windows Xp home provides only one primary partition while ubuntu provides 4.

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