जिंदगी मे एसे पल भी आते है जब की अहेसास होता है की मुस्किल से मुस्किल सफर भी ताई करना हमारे बस मे ही है

I like to do things that i can be in ctrol of, let it be life or my interest. It doesn't mean that I like to play boss over anything or anybody rather it's all about the freedom with which I can carry out the task and I know that freedom has it's own setbacks like how much of freedom is freedom or does freedom comes with a set of rules if so how can that be freedom. Hmmm
अरे यार!!! जिसको जो समजना है वो समझे हमरा क्या जथा है
Thought process of each human being differ. हे की नही ?


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