Latest driver for HP Deskjet F4488

The default hplip 2.8.2 on ubuntu 8.04 was not recognizing the deskjet_F4400 printer so the latest driver (hplip-3.10.6.tar.gz) at the HP was installed from src.
Almost all the steps are specified in hplipopensource.
If the default hplip is installed, remove it.

Download the src from

extract the tar.gz file

./configure --with-hpppddir=/usr/share/ppd/HP --prefix=/usr --enable-qt4 --enable-doc-build --enable-cups-ppd-install --disable-foomatic-drv-install --disable-foomatic-ppd-install --disable-hpijs-install --disable-policykit --disable-cups-drv-install --enable-hpcups-install --enable-network-build --enable-dbus-build --enable-scan-build --enable-fax-build

sudo make install

add username to the lp group
sudo usermod -a -G lp $USER

now connect the usb printer and power on the printer... if not done this way the hplip will not detect the device

su hp-setup 
will activate qt4 based config dialog... follow the instruction as specified and by opting for test prn page the following will be printed out..

All the features of the all in one printer has not been used on my box
In my case the cups daemon was disabled... to enable it use
sudo sysv-rc-conf

and start the service using
/etc/init.d/cupsys start 


I have been using the scanner of F4488 without any problem whatsoever for quite some time now on ubuntu 8.04 and the application used is Xsane Image Scanner(v-0.995). It working fine for me. Some of the screen shots of the application in action.



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