• Create a layer by clicking on the Add layer(1) 

  • Use Add Marker(2) to put n number of markers anywhere you wish. I placed it where I wanted and named it as Driving Test Start(3) and Driving Test Ends(4).
  • Using shift key select the two marker in the untitled layer(5) and select Add directions(6), this will render a new layer consisting of two points with the shortest route.

  • You can customise the route between these two point using “drag to change the route”(7).

  • To get the location name click on point A(8) and B(8), In my case it was assigned 92 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113, Australia(Driving Test Start) and 101 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113, Australia(Driving Test End)
  • To export the map as KML select export to KML(9) from the list of items displayed, besure to select the layer that you want in the combo box or else the entire map will be downloaded.


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