Google chrome xx search logic is not sensible

Google web client namely chrome xyz version is also collecting information about websites security aspect and sending mail to the domain owners. How cool or uncool is that?
It's not sensible enough based on a simple seach made for keywords "password, credit card or debit card and any textbox or lineedit" in a webpage.
Reason- I published a log of experieces about very simple and common topic [here] which consisted of key words mentioned above and the username and password which actually is a login for the drupal website. Google consoles innate logic is unable to get the overall semantics of all the keywords it gathered.
Will I be changing anything from/to my log. Nope, I don't need the extra security as advised or I don't think those reading(if there are any) require any kind of security, not gathering any information from others. I am simply making a log of events which I could refer back or if someone else finds it helpful - Promoting abundantware.
About migrating to https.. had that in mind but currently not doing it.


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