changing only the look of blog module in drupal

When everything is expected to work smoothly something will behave in an unexpected manner. This time it was the jenes3c theme
 which was working properly but all of a sudden it was taking hell lot of time to load (using GNU/linux) so tried hosting the images and referrenced it in the tpl file but even that was not working and the amazing part was the there was no problem with the counterpart (Windows), It was working as expected on that platform. Why Why Why????? .... cann't come up with any rational reason. So changed the theme to the current one.. Hopefully will stick on with it iff not presented with no such @^&%^$(.

Replaced the

<div id='respond'>
        <a expr:href='data:post.addCommentUrl' expr:onclick='data:post.addCommentOnclick'><data:postCommentMsg/></a>


<p class='comment-footer'>
        <b:if cond='data:post.embedCommentForm'>
          <b:if cond='data:post.allowNewComments'>
            <b:include data='post' name='comment-form'/>
          <b:if cond='data:post.allowComments'>
            <a expr:href='data:post.addCommentUrl' expr:onclick='data:post.addCommentOnclick'><data:postCommentMsg/></a>


in the template file of the current theme.
To get an overall idea of how blogger template works have a look at

DNS record for

On 31st Dec I tried to make avail the free DNS option of my webhosting site but without even changing the record of I latter on couldn't access my site. Hopefully will get it rectified latter.