UI of DT 845W

Subject in discussion: Binatone DT 845W wireless ADSL2+ Modem router

Its web interface doesn't show which all machines are currently accessing the Internet unlike wa3002g4 which gives the machines accessing (mac address as well as ip address). The reason for checking out was to implement a time limit for Internet access for a particular machine based on mac address.
wireless mac address, ACL, filter type, parental control filtering option are given.

The status --> device info -->
Firmware Versio:    DT4W-A5.006   
MAC Address:    d8:5d:4c:c5:dd:08

IP Address:   
Subnet Mask:   
DHCP Server:    Enabled

Virtual Circuit:        
Status:    Connected   
Connection Type:    PPPoE   
IP Address:       
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS Server:   
NAT:    Enabled       
PPP connection time:    0d:00h:24m:02s
ADSL Firmware Version:    FwVer: HwVer:T14.F7_5.0
Line State:
Modulation:    ADSL2 PLUS   
Annex Mode:    ANNEX_A
        Downstream    Upstream   
SNR Margin:    37.8     10.9    db       
Line Attenuation:23.0     16.7     db
Data Rate:    2560     1022     kbps
Attainable Rate:24620     1344     kbps
Out Power:    18.2    8.3    dbm
CRC Down/Up(db):    0/ 13
HEC Down/Up(db):    0/ 0
Adsl Status:    PPP up
Loop Length(mt):    1200