Happiness short lived :(

was really happy that BB service providers were providing more than what was asked for - more downlink speed >256Kbps, but thats a promotional offer lasting till 30th april 2010 :(

librelab.gnumen.org = E

librelab.gnumen.org is no more hypothetical, could have registered a domain name with any preferred tld like librelab.org/.net/.com u name it. But wanted it to be a part of gnumen and what better than to have a subdomain based site which even google webmaster tool considers as another site hence having total control over the two different site which of course is under one name(gnumen.org). With cpanel at our disposal it's a cake walk to create a subdomain. I wanted it to be multisite but to my disappointment after trying it on my testbed which required emulating the real time setup of a webhosting co when tried to create one in public domain it failed :( thought of enforcing it using the shell account even that was denied.. they say "its out of security reasons".

Libre - the name is also a latin word, neologism .. I hope I am not getting obessed with romantic language.

Finally decided on registering a domain name librelab.org - Created On:26-Sep-2012 - can be found using whois or http://whois.domaintools.com/librelab.org

GNU/Linux came to the rescue.

wifiLinux saved my day. Yet another encounter with itchy scenario which I wished Ginnie could have completed and I could devote my time to bit more constructive work.
One of the typical answer that one gets when dealing with  msoft os is any problem is plainly/blindly blamed on virus. In the current senario it was the corrupt driver or inappropriate driver that was giving the problem BSOD.

The wifi wasn't working properly and wasn't sure whether it was the driver or the device itself(atheros -AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter )
so the linux(ubuntu) was used with the atheros driver to check the functionality of the device. the instruction(http://nothingcanstopu.blogspot.com/2009/06/ubuntu-804-atheros-communications-inc.html) previously scribbled came in handy and worked like a charm. no probs whatsoever.
Product compaq presario c700

The installation of OS using pen drive is almost becoming a defacto standard with the arrival of netbook which doesn't have an internal cd/DVD drive. there are almost Mton of article on how to make the usb stick bootable  -
for vista too one can make usb bootalbe with novicorp - wintoflash

With freebsd the installation is much simpler than linux as we just need to create a slice which latter on is partitioned. The GUI is as effective as any linux version. wasn't able to get the atheros wifi working even though the inbuilt option of atheros driver was present.