1. Download CakePHP version 2.10.14 from the below link


NPriya@ODCGZM42SH MINGW64 /c/Bitnami/wampstack-7.2.22-0/apache2/htdocs/webzashfrmscratch
$ tar -xzf cakephp-2.10.14.tar.gz

NPriya@ODCGZM42SH MINGW64 /c/Bitnami/wampstack-7.2.22-0/apache2/htdocs/webzashfrmscratch
$ ls
cakephp-2.10.14/  cakephp-2.10.14.tar.gz

NPriya@ODCGZM42SH MINGW64 /c/Bitnami/wampstack-7.2.22-0/apache2/htdocs/webzashfrmscratch

2. Extract CakePHP into your web server directory and rename the folder
to "webzash"

Webpage after installing cakephp 2.10.14

3. Edit the app/Config/core.php file and change the following lines

Configure::write('Security.salt', 'IMPORTANT_CHANGE_THIS_VALUE');
Configure::write('Security.cipherSeed', 'IMPORTANT_CHANGE_THIS_VALUE');

After changing security.salt

4. Copy the app/Config/database.php.default file to app/Config/database.php
use phpmysql to create database "webzashfrmscratch"

Before changes:
public $default = array(
        'datasource' => 'Database/Mysql',
        'persistent' => false,
        'host' => 'localhost',
        'login' => 'user',
        'password' => 'password',
        'database' => 'database_name',
        'prefix' => '',
        //'encoding' => 'utf8',


After changes:
public $default = array(
  'datasource' => 'Database/Mysql',
  'persistent' => false,
  'host' => '',
  'login' => 'root',
  'password' => 'r978867',
  'database' => 'webzashfrmscratch',
  'prefix' => '',
  //'encoding' => 'utf8',

Screenshot after including database details

Screenshot after including
'port' => '3307',

5. Edit the app/Config/bootstrap.php file and add the following lines

CakePlugin::load('Webzash', array('routes' => true, 'bootstrap' => true));

6. Edit the app/Config/routes.php file and comment out the default route

// Router::connect('/', array('controller' => 'pages', 'action' => 'display', 'home'));
// Router::connect('/pages/*', array('controller' => 'pages', 'action' => 'display'));

7. Install BoostCake plugin

NPriya@ODCGZM42SH MINGW64 /c/Bitnami/wampstack-7.2.22-0/apache2/htdocs/webzashfrmscratch/webzash
$ pwd

for windoz used git for windows 

$git clone https://github.com/slywalker/cakephp-plugin-boost_cake.git app/Plugin/BoostCake

8. Install Webzash plugin


$git clone https://github.com/prashants/webzash.git app/Plugin/Webzash

NPriya@ODCGZM42SH MINGW64 /c/Bitnami/wampstack-7.2.22-0/apache2/htdocs/webzashfrmscratch/webzash
$ git clone https://github.com/prashants/webzash.git app/Plugin/Webzash
Cloning into 'app/Plugin/Webzash'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 4628, done.
remote: Total 4628 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 4628
Receiving objects: 100% (4628/4628), 4.14 MiB | 256.00 KiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (3298/3298), done.
Updating files: 100% (220/220), done.

NPriya@ODCGZM42SH MINGW64 /c/Bitnami/wampstack-7.2.22-0/apache2/htdocs/webzashfrmscratch/webzash

Screenshot of webzash

Follow the link below to resolve the error
Followed Readme.txt instruction in https://github.com/prashants/webzash

This requires Apache Mysql stack - here making use of bitnami wamp stack 

  •  Copy webzash-v2.8.zip in the htdoc folder

  • Extract the zip file which will have the folder name cakephp-2.10.14
    Rename it as webzashtest2(its your prerogative)
  • In the web browser access the locally hosted site  -
    which will return the following error/page
\app\Plugin\Webzash\Config\bootstrap.php (line 337)

'Missing master sqlite database file. Please check your setup.'

Missing Database Connection

Error: A Database connection using "Sqlite" was missing or unable to connect.
The database server returned this error: Selected driver is not enabled

Error: Sqlite driver is NOT enabled

Notice: If you want to customize this error message, create app\View\Errors\missing_connection.ctp

  • Here master scheme database is not present/configured in the mysql database.
Log in phpmyadmin page

Create database webzashtest2db

Import MasterSchema.MySQL.sql to populate webzashtest2db
MasterSchema.MySQL.sql is present in

Edit MasterConfig.php
and database.php
$ diff -uNr MasterConfig.php ../../../../../webzashtest2/app/Plugin/Webzash/Config/MasterConfig.php > patchfile
--- MasterConfig.php 2019-01-15 18:22:28.000000000 +1100
+++ ../../../../../webzashtest2/app/Plugin/Webzash/Config/MasterConfig.php 2019-10-14 21:08:17.892756900 +1100
@@ -55,8 +55,13 @@
  * $wz['settings'] = ''; // Optional parameter
-$wz['datasource'] = 'Database/Sqlite';
-$wz['database'] = $root_path . 'Database/' . 'webzash.sqlite';
+$wz['datasource'] = 'Database/Mysql';
+/*$wz['database'] = $root_path . 'Database/' . 'webzash.sqlite';*/
+$wz['database'] = 'webzashtest2db';
+$wz['host'] = '';
+$wz['port'] = '3307';
+$wz['login'] = 'root';
+$wz['password'] = 'r12348';
 $wz['prefix'] = '';
 $wz['encoding'] = 'utf8';
 $wz['persistent'] = false;

$ diff -uNr database.php ../../../webzashtest2/app/Config/database.php > patchfile
--- database.php 2017-07-23 05:06:53.000000000 +1000
+++ ../../../webzashtest2/app/Config/database.php 2019-10-14 21:06:18.293559900 +1100
@@ -69,10 +69,11 @@
  public $default = array(
   'datasource' => 'Database/Mysql',
   'persistent' => false,
-  'host' => 'localhost',
-  'login' => 'user',
-  'password' => 'password',
-  'database' => 'database_name',
+  'host' => '',
+  'port' => '3307',
+  'login' => 'root',
+  'password' => 'r12348',
+  'database' => 'webzashtest2db',
   'prefix' => '',
   //'encoding' => 'utf8',

This will lead to the login page

  • Distributed version Control system(VCS) or Source control management(SCM)
  • Allows collaboration of work between multiple developers
  • Keeps signature of who did what and when
  • Deals with local as well as remote repo
git init //initialize local git repo - will create .git folder

with no other info given output of the
git status and git show

adding two files to local repo(used touch cmd and vi editor to edit the file)
git status

add file(s) to index/staging area before commit
git add <file>

to unstage the file
git rm --cached <file>

to add all files
git add .

commit changes in index
git commit -m 'comment/message'

create branch
git branch <branch name>
git branch branch1

to change to the branch from master
git checkout <branch name>
git checkout branch1

git branch                 // list branches
git branch -a                   //list all branches
git branch -d <branch name> //delete branch

to merge the branch changes to master(checkedout in master)
git merge -m "message" <branch name>

git show  //shows author, email id and where the head is point(master or branch)
git show-branch

Remote repo

git push //push to remote repo

At the time of copying the github repo URL for cloning, showed following error
NPriya@ODSWER42SH MINGW64 ~/Desktop/rp/webzash/yaap
$ git clone –https://github.com/librelab/yaap.git
Cloning into 'yaap'...
fatal: protocol '–https' is not supported

it was because of pasting it using cntrl + v on the mingw64 terminal which inserts a hidden ^?

use the right click - paste         //to paste the correct URL

git pull //pull latest from remote repo
git clone //clone repo in a new dir

Git configuration

git config --global user.name "<username of your github account>"
git config --global user.name "librelab"
git congig --global user.email yourmail@gmail.com

Use git for windows (https://gitforwindows.org), to access git version control on windows.
Installation is a straight forward process.
It's released under GPL v2.

By default it uses vim as the editor

Look and feel of mingw64
It's a straight forward task(screenshot included) even with antivirus @ bg.

It supports various framework, intend to make use of Cakephp (MVC approach)

Remeber the MySQL root pwd
Remember the ports for Apache web server and MySQL(how to get that info using manager-windows.exe, see below)

Launch the WAMP stack -
phpmyadmin(web interface) module will alow easy access to MySQL -

One can access the graphical manager tool to start/stop/restart and know port info of the services
It's in the installation dir