Stats - Just an observation

Almost all of the content(s) logged here are related to GNU/Linux, but the pageviews by the OS is always dominated by something that is not related to. Wonder who or for what purpose such visits are made. At the same time the usage of chrome as well as Firefox has increased.

Currently I am making use of Gimp 2.6 and the Script-Fu works fine.

Make use of Shape paths which helps in creating sine waves 
sample image generated using Shape paths

To know where to download the shape-path-0.91.scm, check out the path using
mine is
save the file in /home/ranjit/.gimp-2.6/scripts
after downloading the to the given location, close the gimp and launch it again or refresh the scirpt-Fu
Filter -> Script-Fu -> Refresh Script
A new tool bar is included called Script-Fu.

Drawing a straight line using Gimp
- select the path tool
- click on two different point in the image, this will highlight the line between those two points
- select stoke path and define the parameters
That's it

There are other ways of drawing st line, make use of the best friend called google :)