Currently I am making use of Gimp 2.6 and the Script-Fu works fine.

Make use of Shape paths which helps in creating sine waves 
sample image generated using Shape paths

To know where to download the shape-path-0.91.scm, check out the path using
mine is
save the file in /home/ranjit/.gimp-2.6/scripts
after downloading the to the given location, close the gimp and launch it again or refresh the scirpt-Fu
Filter -> Script-Fu -> Refresh Script
A new tool bar is included called Script-Fu.

Drawing a straight line using Gimp
- select the path tool
- click on two different point in the image, this will highlight the line between those two points
- select stoke path and define the parameters
That's it

There are other ways of drawing st line, make use of the best friend called google :)


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