More of observation about absurd governance

Still keeping up with the usual trend of asking questions, and not just questions in this case may be some radical solutions are also touched upon.
This will take some radical changes in the thought process in order to achieve what is needed and in the process might have some setbacks for short term but will be very effective in the long run. I am in no way an expert, but just putting up my point of view how things should be. Some points are to bring out the relation to the cause.

  •  Most talk about inflation i.e rise in price, this is every bit to do with the devaluation of the Indian currency and depreciation of INR.
  • In almost all walks of life everyone talks about rise in price but no one ever bother to ask that they asked for hike(hike in salary, hike in allowances, hike in everything that one wants but reduction in what one gives out) instead of asking how to control the price.
  • Only if we were self sufficient the prices won't go up or will remain constant, for this to happen basic needed items need to be home made/national/home-brew/in-house.
  • In the era of multi national or globalization its not possible to be unaffected by price hike. Give me a break there is always an opening which requires some sacrifice with which such rise can be curbed.
  • Oil prices can be curbed based on the limited distribution or finding an alternative to oil.(non-conventional energy source or renewable energy)
  • Every state should have self sufficiency criteria met like food grain production for this to happen encourage people to take up farming this should not involve taking any of the forest region knowing that poor wild animals are already suffering. This should allow ones farming to live a decent life which is very important since some of the news coming out are in fact disturbing which always put people on back foot.
  • Financial institution cannot be a responsible body, if it were it shouldn't have changed from fixed to floating rate model.  
  • Let me guess there was time when INR was equivalent to 9INR for a dollar i.e the exchange rate and now its 53INR and fluctuating
  • the devaluation leads to more of inflation(because of global market) i.e the purchase value of the currency also decreases 
  • Indian fx rate after being in floating rate model has sky rocketed so it would be good to get back in the fixed rate model.
  • also self-sufficiency should assist us in exporting the same.
  • There is always an inconsistency factor deciding INR rates like supply and demand/export and import
  • there is always a force acting against it because appreciation of INR will cause the service providers/exporters to lose some while the importer like petroleum products etc will have to pay less. This gain in FX is likely to create savings in cost, which could be passed on to consumers, thereby contributing to control inflation.
  • Wise men talk of cause and effect. In case of inflation or rise in the living cost instead of finding a long term solution the ones in control find a easy way out (short term) which instead of curbing the rise only instigates rise. To be exact instead of controlling the cause they find a way to deal with 'the effect' in which case the cause spirals out of hand, then the whole process of curing the effect is carried out and the reaction is harmful.
  • The mere theme of supply and demand is absurd, because the product which was produced for say 30INR is sold at 40INR but when the demand increases the same product which was sold at 40INR previously now costs 60INR, how does that happen. similar is the concept in petroleum product. how is that the oil when in demand cost more than when the demand is normal, isn't it the same set of machinery that is pumping crude oil out or do they install some machine made of platinum in case of rise in demand which causes rise in price. This doesn't need great mind, just a simple analysis will bring forth the whole system is full of crap.
The current form of system(governance) can even be run by my 10year old nephew, where there is not much to do except increase everything based on the rise in everything. For this why spend revenue on election create house/sabha for bunch of hooligans who don't even spend time on constructive matter, don't behave in a civilized manner (for clue watch the live xyz sabha telecast, it shows us how we should not be, as humans(Intellectual ones), my Bitu(pet) behaves in more civilized manner). This only shows that the system works with Utopian culture and not with humans as animals.

screenshot of wa3002g4 in awesome mode :)

When WA3002G4 is in "the zone" there is seldom issue of disconnection, so thought of keeping a remembrance token of the setup, the router is in.