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what's happening to world... Why???

God's name is dragged into doing diabolic, wrong and scrupulous acts . What really is amazing the ease with which the act is carried out and there is no repenting in doing such thing because in the eye's of the doer it seems right now how could that be.. Since these are carried out on all fronts - Muslims, Hindus, Christians... I'm mostly in touch with such groups thank god for that.. and in what religion i belong to? really I am ashamed of saying that I'm HINDU after the act of rama sena act .. Now how in the name of god they can carry out such an act .. This brings me to another question .. Is it soo simple to take law, moral, cultural, religious .. into our hand if soo why not to have election for that too... even I feel that I should form a group to head all these niche groups..

Life is said to be a blessing and my observation is that it's the need of the man that persuades them to do stuffs regardless of what is right or wrong.
Need for food
Need for shelter
Need for cloth
Need for pure drinking water
... list goes on

then what on earth was Ramalinga Raju thinking.. Need to conquer the world or what.. Give me a break... I know that he had all what he wanted in life and when it was time to be just a supportive, the need/greed took over .... why satyam became asatyam

most of the time I feel like I am just a spectator(reason:- I'm a loner, not etall an exhibitionist, keep unto myself) and how I could make myself open to others and blog is the best way to openup.
The reason for such a dashboard is because of the fact that we tend presume that we are blocked by certain instances or incidence that take us to back foot, but one thing that is easily forgotten is the inner strength that we have that can help us to either convert that to do something better or help us to take up the matter in a lighter sense.

For me FLOSS is not just about the software development but it's the way of life that u select ... simple, modest, philosophical. It lets u do what u want to do regardless of market trend, recession(that's the big talk doing around now a days). Apart from that the world that we live is full of unrest, uncertainty, unsympathetic, anarchy arising out of greed for money, position, power, now FLOSS in a way abolishes all these well may be that's the reason why some compare it to communism and i really pity them because FLOSS is far beyond and away from communist principles reason I hail from god's own country - kerala where one dominant party is communist and it's no different from other parties - shameless, clinging on to power no matter how pathetic the situation is . Now a days politics is a career option and not a social work then obviously it's bound to affect the ones who elect those - ) .

Currently I am using Ubuntu to quench my thirst in whatever I want to do and believe me it provides everything I want.. I want to make my stand clear that I am not against any OS(proprietary) what I do feel is that people will ultimately converge towards something that is GOOD now that depends on person to person

Another important lesson that I have learned is to tackle problem(s) just by being quiet.. well it may backfire at u in some instances because at times when u do feel like talking something u just can't do that remember mutation.. yep u have evolved into a quieter being :)