Without consensus..

yesterday as I was carrying out my mundane task with my wa3002g4 - regular disconnection issue still persisting - but with all that and no program accessing the network the wlan indicator was blinking as in being accessed and with the firewire it was evident that the network was being used without my consensus and now was very eager to find which program was accessing the network so with little search, the very regular form of suggestion - netstat/tcpdump/wireshark was propping up so with the tcpdump found that the
was accessing my box without permission. but even before checking which was the process that was doing it. It stopped - later on found that it was the amazon site doing its job - but how could they do that with no consensus.

The output of tcpdump

ranjit@dell-laptop:~$ sudo tcpdump -i ath0
[sudo] password for ranjit:
tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on ath0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 96 bytes
21:53:31.197831 IP > resolver2.opendns.com.domain: 38512+ TXT? current.cvd.clamav.net. (40)
21:53:31.214828 IP > resolver2.opendns.com.domain: 29628+ PTR? (45)
21:53:31.786371 IP resolver2.opendns.com.domain > 38512 1/0/0 TXT[|domain]
21:53:31.828202 IP resolver2.opendns.com.domain > 29628 1/0/0 (80)
21:53:31.828568 IP > resolver2.opendns.com.domain: 382+ PTR? (42)
21:53:32.400625 IP resolver2.opendns.com.domain > 382 NXDomain 0/0/0 (42)
21:53:32.962176 IP > resolver2.opendns.com.domain: 49785+ A? database.clamav.net. (37)
21:53:33.217134 IP > ec2-184-73-194-227.compute-1.amazonaws.com.www: S 1825043612:1825043612(0) win 5840
21:53:33.531595 IP resolver2.opendns.com.domain > 49785 7/0/0 CNAME[|domain]
21:53:33.532318 IP > resolver2.opendns.com.domain: 17149+ A? database.clamav.net. (37)
21:53:33.725063 IP ec2-184-73-194-227.compute-1.amazonaws.com.www > S 225898766:225898766(0) ack 1825043613 win 5840
21:53:33.725154 IP > ec2-184-73-194-227.compute-1.amazonaws.com.www: . ack 1 win 5840
21:53:33.725360 IP > ec2-184-73-194-227.compute-1.amazonaws.com.www: P 1:580(579) ack 1 win 5840
21:53:34.115542 IP resolver2.opendns.com.domain > 17149 7/0/0 CNAME[|domain]
21:53:34.116268 IP > resolver2.opendns.com.domain: 22086+ A? database.clamav.net. (37)
21:53:34.249847 IP ec2-184-73-194-227.compute-1.amazonaws.com.www > . ack 580 win 5211
21:53:34.707608 IP ec2-184-73-194-227.compute-1.amazonaws.com.www > F 232:232(0) ack 580 win 5211
21:53:34.707686 IP > ec2-184-73-194-227.compute-1.amazonaws.com.www: . ack 1 win 5840
21:53:34.709628 IP ec2-184-73-194-227.compute-1.amazonaws.com.www > P 1:232(231) ack 580 win 5211
21:53:34.709677 IP > ec2-184-73-194-227.compute-1.amazonaws.com.www: . ack 233 win 6432
21:53:34.710019 IP > ec2-184-73-194-227.compute-1.amazonaws.com.www: F 580:580(0) ack 233 win 6432
21:53:34.712310 IP resolver2.opendns.com.domain > 22086 7/0/0 CNAME[|domain]
21:53:34.713132 IP > resolver2.opendns.com.domain: 6712+ A? database.clamav.net. (37)
21:53:35.209814 IP ec2-184-73-194-227.compute-1.amazonaws.com.www > . ack 581 win 5211
21:53:35.293719 IP resolver2.opendns.com.domain > 6712 7/0/0 CNAME[|domain]
21:53:35.295279 IP > resolver2.opendns.com.domain: 37947+ A? database.clamav.net. (37)
21:53:35.876052 IP resolver2.opendns.com.domain > 37947 7/0/0 CNAME[|domain]
21:53:35.882849 IP server-216-137-63-13.lhr3.cloudfront.net.www > F 2145307016:2145307016(0) ack 305058198 win 6880
21:53:35.884099 IP server-216-137-63-13.lhr3.cloudfront.net.www > F 2144127637:2144127637(0) ack 299530464 win 6650
21:53:35.921135 IP > server-216-137-63-13.lhr3.cloudfront.net.www: . ack 1 win 11360
21:53:35.921386 IP > server-216-137-63-13.lhr3.cloudfront.net.www: . ack 1 win 53960
21:53:35.936700 IP > resolver2.opendns.com.domain: 65025+ A? database.clamav.net. (37)
21:53:36.506826 IP resolver2.opendns.com.domain > 65025 7/0/0 CNAME[|domain]
21:53:37.402571 IP > resolver2.opendns.com.domain: 18747+ PTR? (45)
21:53:37.992783 IP resolver2.opendns.com.domain > 18747 1/0/0 (101)
21:53:37.993610 IP > resolver2.opendns.com.domain: 41743+ PTR? (44)
21:53:38.720639 IP resolver2.opendns.com.domain > 41743 1/0/0 (98)
21:53:39.731410 IP > server-216-137-63-13.lhr3.cloudfront.net.www: F 1:1(0) ack 1 win 11360
21:53:39.731514 IP > server-216-137-63-13.lhr3.cloudfront.net.www: F 1:1(0) ack 1 win 53960
21:53:39.896928 IP server-216-137-63-13.lhr3.cloudfront.net.www > F 2136823304:2136823304(0) ack 273815452 win 8944
21:53:39.933138 IP > server-216-137-63-13.lhr3.cloudfront.net.www: . ack 1 win 28400

41 packets captured
41 packets received by filter
0 packets dropped by kernel

or use tcpdump -ni ath0

the links below are the outcome of the amazon related stuff


Festival Season...

It's just coincidence that when in southern part of India one festival is ongoing correspondingly in north India another version of it is celebrated.
Wonder why all these are not standardized in this era of standardization .


Netbook - LiMo

visit  http://bit.ly/bS9mPd

Who is to decide what we think?

How free is our thought process? It is often influenced by many factors  - to mention one of it.. readon...
This is not here to justify anyones claim but a mere look at set of outcome of the incidents which leads a person to a conclusion

Really I hate politics and desist from making any remarks or even mention on any of the subject. But some of the the obvious happenings are not so obvious for the general crowd and I use to wonder how is it possible, that it's hard to notice even when it's out there.
convention followed
A    -    thinkers
B    -    stereotypes

"put a picture of a bike and say it's a car"
Is truth something that is a proprietary of highly educated and experienced chaps who happen to work for an institution and any other independent researcher has no value in the amt of time spend on the related subject.
Why tag something as truther/conspiracy theorist(A) when the ones tagging it are the conspirator(B) themselves. They(B) always want factual evidence by making all of the document/evidence/video footage their own or under confidential tag and expect a normal guy get factual evidence.. how simple is that
Some question to the B's
  • It was said that the 911 terrorist master mind had to be captured - where is he now ?
  • Iraq was suppose to have WMD - where is the fatual evidence.
  • By attacking terroist have you been able to give peace in that region.

If you stand against atrocities, why is that the country involved in unit 731 heinous act is under your protection and why the Palestinian are still suffering in their own land.
It shows only one thing - it for their own interest they are working, for which they will influence the outcome.
These are the guys(supporters as well), who get in debunking, the claims in one the documentary made by a normal guy - even though it was his interest in making himself known that he got involved in create film(s) (which he liked presumably) isn't that we all try to do...
Finding petty faults like volcanic dust pyro or not donating to 911 sufferers or any other is like degrading debunkers
Look at some of the lame stuff(youtube.com) uploaded in order to debunk the claims of documentary - the BBC is showing where the guy lives and how he bought the laptop and what get him started, really pathetically stuff - yep forgot that you need to be in a iso/cmm level company to create truth how very lame. If a guy living in a 12*12 room with laptop bought from shack, can investigate so much about an incident, why not the so called system with so much of resource do it...
So now that it's like investigative scout(A) vs corrupt politician claim(B)
Hmm... lemme guess, probably will go with the investigative scout...

Goodness me... If such a developed nation is manipulating everything then it goes without saying that the country that I am currently enrolled to is in a real mess and no body wants to notice since they are involved in the business of life as they say.
Ridiculous political system/democracy. How to bring the culprits to justice... how can you possibly believe the legal system, which falls under the same system which made this horrific act look like a terror strike... even if the process of justice is carried out they can simply influence the outcome of any investigation.. feeling really helpless .. aren't we just puppets in the hands of these puppeteers.


search for related videos

Latest driver for HP Deskjet F4488

The default hplip 2.8.2 on ubuntu 8.04 was not recognizing the deskjet_F4400 printer so the latest driver (hplip-3.10.6.tar.gz) at the HP was installed from src.
Almost all the steps are specified in hplipopensource.
If the default hplip is installed, remove it.

Download the src from http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/downloads.html

extract the tar.gz file

./configure --with-hpppddir=/usr/share/ppd/HP --prefix=/usr --enable-qt4 --enable-doc-build --enable-cups-ppd-install --disable-foomatic-drv-install --disable-foomatic-ppd-install --disable-hpijs-install --disable-policykit --disable-cups-drv-install --enable-hpcups-install --enable-network-build --enable-dbus-build --enable-scan-build --enable-fax-build

sudo make install

add username to the lp group
sudo usermod -a -G lp $USER

now connect the usb printer and power on the printer... if not done this way the hplip will not detect the device

su hp-setup 
will activate qt4 based config dialog... follow the instruction as specified and by opting for test prn page the following will be printed out..

All the features of the all in one printer has not been used on my box
In my case the cups daemon was disabled... to enable it use
sudo sysv-rc-conf

and start the service using
/etc/init.d/cupsys start 


I have been using the scanner of F4488 without any problem whatsoever for quite some time now on ubuntu 8.04 and the application used is Xsane Image Scanner(v-0.995). It working fine for me. Some of the screen shots of the application in action.


Oooops - 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

QtMoko.org showing Bandwidth limit Exceeded...

Viewing in GUI and a cmd line based browser.


An era(exhibitionist) where looks is what all matters there is a cmd line browser links(there are others too)  which obviously displays only the content . Only if people were interested in reading who would have given a thought about the GUI (css, images, colors). Ask any content render-er how much time it takes to think(conceptualise), write(involves proof reading), then submit in a public domain and you won't get a definite answer because it is not time frame based. All these with my reputation of being a notorious bad spelling:).
I would have just spend my time on the content only if cmd line browser existed but since it merely is not existing among the gui browsers. Now a days it is more than a necessity to have a "punch line" gui and what better than my own face...HoHoHo
Have a look at the sreenshots of non gui and gui display of gnumen.org and decide for yourself which will the general public accept.

Happiness short lived :(

was really happy that BB service providers were providing more than what was asked for - more downlink speed >256Kbps, but thats a promotional offer lasting till 30th april 2010 :(

librelab.gnumen.org = E

librelab.gnumen.org is no more hypothetical, could have registered a domain name with any preferred tld like librelab.org/.net/.com u name it. But wanted it to be a part of gnumen and what better than to have a subdomain based site which even google webmaster tool considers as another site hence having total control over the two different site which of course is under one name(gnumen.org). With cpanel at our disposal it's a cake walk to create a subdomain. I wanted it to be multisite but to my disappointment after trying it on my testbed which required emulating the real time setup of a webhosting co when tried to create one in public domain it failed :( thought of enforcing it using the shell account even that was denied.. they say "its out of security reasons".

Libre - the name is also a latin word, neologism .. I hope I am not getting obessed with romantic language.

Finally decided on registering a domain name librelab.org - Created On:26-Sep-2012 - can be found using whois or http://whois.domaintools.com/librelab.org

GNU/Linux came to the rescue.

wifiLinux saved my day. Yet another encounter with itchy scenario which I wished Ginnie could have completed and I could devote my time to bit more constructive work.
One of the typical answer that one gets when dealing with  msoft os is any problem is plainly/blindly blamed on virus. In the current senario it was the corrupt driver or inappropriate driver that was giving the problem BSOD.

The wifi wasn't working properly and wasn't sure whether it was the driver or the device itself(atheros -AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter )
so the linux(ubuntu) was used with the atheros driver to check the functionality of the device. the instruction(http://nothingcanstopu.blogspot.com/2009/06/ubuntu-804-atheros-communications-inc.html) previously scribbled came in handy and worked like a charm. no probs whatsoever.
Product compaq presario c700

The installation of OS using pen drive is almost becoming a defacto standard with the arrival of netbook which doesn't have an internal cd/DVD drive. there are almost Mton of article on how to make the usb stick bootable  -
for vista too one can make usb bootalbe with novicorp - wintoflash

With freebsd the installation is much simpler than linux as we just need to create a slice which latter on is partitioned. The GUI is as effective as any linux version. wasn't able to get the atheros wifi working even though the inbuilt option of atheros driver was present.

gnumen CPanel entries/requirement

Manual settings for mail client
mail server username: xxxxx_xxx@gnumen.org
Incoming Mail Server: mail.gnumen.org
outgoing server: mail.gnumen.org(requires authentication) port xxx
incoming mail protocols: pop3, imap..
outgoing mail protocols: smtp

Email management tools :: Mx entry maintenance
the MX (mail exchanger ) entry tells a client which server receives mail sent to a domain name

add new record
priority: 0
you must enter a FQDN as the MX destination

real time DNS record type lookup using

host                    type            value
gnumen.org        A  
gnumen.org        MX            0 gnumen.org.
gnumen.org        SOA            ns7.zyxware.com
                            responsible                                 anoopjohn@hotmail.com
                            serial 2010020100
                            refresh    86400
                            retry    7200
                            expire    3600000
gnumen.org        NS            ns7.zyxware.com.
gnumen.org        NS            ns8.zyxware.com.
gnumen.org        NS            ns9.zyxware.com.
gnumen.org        NS            ns10.zyxware.com.

porcelain mask

changing only the look of blog module in drupal


When everything is expected to work smoothly something will behave in an unexpected manner. This time it was the jenes3c theme
 which was working properly but all of a sudden it was taking hell lot of time to load (using GNU/linux) so tried hosting the images and referrenced it in the tpl file but even that was not working and the amazing part was the there was no problem with the counterpart (Windows), It was working as expected on that platform. Why Why Why????? .... cann't come up with any rational reason. So changed the theme to the current one.. Hopefully will stick on with it iff not presented with no such @^&%^$(.

Replaced the

<div id='respond'>
        <a expr:href='data:post.addCommentUrl' expr:onclick='data:post.addCommentOnclick'><data:postCommentMsg/></a>


<p class='comment-footer'>
        <b:if cond='data:post.embedCommentForm'>
          <b:if cond='data:post.allowNewComments'>
            <b:include data='post' name='comment-form'/>
          <b:if cond='data:post.allowComments'>
            <a expr:href='data:post.addCommentUrl' expr:onclick='data:post.addCommentOnclick'><data:postCommentMsg/></a>


in the template file of the current theme.
To get an overall idea of how blogger template works have a look at

DNS record for gnumen.org

On 31st Dec I tried to make avail the free DNS option of my webhosting site but without even changing the record of gnumen.org I latter on couldn't access my site. Hopefully will get it rectified latter.