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(I)Keep almost more than 2 instances of firefox with min 4 to 5 tabs open all the time and just couldn't find the app doing this stuff thru firefox.. This was happening for almost all the time.

Resolving the Deskjet F4488 Errr

The mere display of "E" caused me quite a discomfort only to realize latter that it was my own fault/careless approach. Just a look at the manual caused the error to vanish.
RTFM is the ultimate guide.
Steps that I carried out (power button light blinks all the way to step 8)
1. Without connecting the USB connect the power .
2. press the power on button
3. Place the paper in the tray.
4. open the cartridge door (the power is on), this brings the cartridge holder in the middle automatically.
5. Place the cartridge
6. Close cartridge door, wait for alignment page to print.
7. Open scanner lid. Place alignment page face down.
8. Close lid. Press scan button. Wait until power on button light stops blinking, this means the alignment has been completed. Completing the alignment ensures better print quality.
**Everytime a new cartridge is inserted it prints the alignment page and it should be allowed to carry out the task 8 so that the alignment is carried out properly**

ref:- HP manual