Freedom compromised due to **ignorance**

Its high time that computer users indulge in basic updation of their own knowledge regardless of age factor, the main reason behind such an advice/request is because of the unnecessary trend that gives the user the impression that one has to  keep up the up-gradation of semiconductors even when the need is very basic. But for a user to know what is basic and what is not he/she should know what he will be working with.
The incident that happened is real and I could not feel much better after i insisted on my recommendation on a very basic stuff like IDE over SATA.
This was really not very technical in nature but the need of one of the users(ignorant of course, no disrespect meant) device be replaced and unfortunately the service guy who insisted on SATA than IDE even with the SATA drive not being recognized by BIOS, so used other(IDE) drive to install (you know what == Msoft) and from with in in order to make the SATA drive available to the OS had to install raid driver and made it work(kudos to him, no doubt) but when insisted on IDE drive he came up with an argument that in case of upgrading the system one can use the SATA drive hence saving penny but when I asked him what if the same problem of install the os comes, the drive is useless if its not recognized by BIOS. Apart from that even in the OS one has to install the raid now why complicate the matter when IDE is available. He won't budge , isn't it compromising our freedom to install what ever we want whenever we want, one has to depend on him for that.  If the user is not interested in upgrading the sytem then what?
Why is it that a normal demand like IDE is preferred over SATA creating so much of fuss?
Aren't users responsible to chose what they want? for this to happen users need to grow beyond clicking on start button and taking application of their own choice and thats their own responsibility to upgrade knowledge and no one will spoon feed them or take class on such matters.