How to Generate graph of IOZone output

Output of  the command
iozone -a -+u -g 2G -b file-au2g.ods

provides benchmark on the filesystem(ext4) which includes various reports namely
writer report
re-writer report
reader report and others
This (howto)graph is generated for only writer report

a Data range used
b select insert chart

In the chart wizard, selected line(c) and line type-> smooth(d)(its your choice what kind of chart you want)

Select e to define the data range

Select the data range f which gets reflected in g

Graph takes its form

No need to fiddle with data ranges and data series

Enter the title, x axis and y axis label

The final output

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Extracted from manual

  • Processor - Intel Core™ i5-7200U 2.50GHz) processor (2133-MHz FSB, 3.0-MB L3 cache,dual core, 4 Logical Processor(s) 15 W)
  • Mobo chipset - SoC
  • Memory module - Two SODIMM slots 

DDR4 2133 dual channel
Support for up to 16-GB
maximum system memory in
the following conƭJurDtLons
# 16384-MB: (8192-MB × 2)
# 12288-MB: (8192-MB + 4096-MB)
# 8192-MB: (8192-MB × 1)
# 8192-MB: (4096-MB × 2)
# 6144-MB: (4096-MB + 2048-MB)

  • Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Storage - Support for all 1P, 7.0-mm and 2P, 9.5-mm, SATA, 2.5-in hard drives
Solid-state drives:  Form factor  M2 Support for: 256-MB, M2.2280

Hardware VT - Yes

Hint on how to remove back cover

Placeholder for HDD, M2 and RAM