create static front page/home page in blogger

Steps to get things going(concise)

1. Select pages -> new page -> blank page(when the title of the page is given the url<path> is also set with that tile name)
eg: if the title specified is "Log Title"
then the URL is

2. Select show pages as top tabs(only then the step 3 will be visible)

3. Hide the default Home in the page section by going into
layout -> pages (edit) -> uncheck the Home page -> save

4. Steps to redirect the page to the front static page
by default the web address( accesses the blog page and not the static front page which was created(namely
To redirect the to specify the following
 settings -> search preferences -> custom redirects
from: /
to: /p/front.html
means redirect

5. Linking the blog posts page (http://<>/index.html)
make use of web address in new page (send readers to another address)
page title: weBLOG
Web address (URL):

Format followed all throughout the vanity domain(
the font page will always have a URL http://<>/p/front.html
the list of titles logged will have a URL http://<>/p/log-title.html
the blog will acquire the title weBLOG and URL http://<>/index.html



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