Hoisting a flag - librelab

By default Gimp uses 72ppi to generate the image, it is not suitable to create a 6x2 feet banner. Was told to generate an image with atleast 300ppi for better results or else the banner will be pixelated/jagged. An inexplicable affinity towards being either too fuzzy (or) too simple was involved in generating a greater than 300dpi image (DYI freak). Read a bit about, what its all about and generated 1200dpi image
Simple rule
72'' X 24''    => 300ppi
36'' x 12''    => 600ppi
18'' x 6''    => 1200ppi
be sure to have a machine with loads of memory, had 8GB mach, even that was not enough.. really

NB:- Pixel counts can be expressed as a single number eg: 2M pixel or as a pair of numbers eg 1600 × 1200 pixels = 1920000 = Number of pixels.
Print size to pixel calculator
To print a banner of size of say 6' X 2' with a 300ppi, how many pixels are needed?
Pixel to print size calculator
Have an image with pixel dimensions 1600 × 1200 pixels with resolution 72 x 72 dpi what would be the print size in inch/mm 
PPI calculator
divide the width of an image( in pixel) with the width of an image(in inches) eg: 1600 (pixel) / 72 (inches) = 22.22 ppi - an extremely pixelated image 


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