Anuko is simple web based timetracking application for logging/timekeeping/timesheet of various business related activity like running/occupancy expenses incured for income purposes(IMP: For business purposes few changes need to be made to the application(src) as the current timetracker is for project(sw) purposes).
Web based application allows centralization of information. It can be accessed anytime from anywhere to log information.
Various steps for installing Anuko is provided here

Some of the satisfied prerequisites are
CentOS release
PHP Version 5.3.3
  • GD support
  • mbstring
Download Anuko source code
Allow write file access permisssions for directory WEB-INF/templates_c/
Database creation and created necessary tables
In sourceforge creating MySQL database is simplified by using phpmyadmin
In the browser enter the url:
After successful installation disable install script
chmod 000 dbinstall.php

Config file tweaking
change $dsn value
define('DSN', 'mysql://ttuser:yourpassword@localhost/timetracker')
ttuser -> username
yourpassword -> password
localhost -> hostname
timetracker -> database name

If you install anuko in a subdirectory, make sure to enter this in APP_NAME parameter in config.php


change admin password
Default login: admin
default pwd: secret

Using custom domain name to point to virtual host(vhost) will be the final outcome of all the configuration setup in DNS.
DNS Propagation check
For clean url, make use of .htaccess

Current time tracker is for software project development. Need to make necessary changes to source(whenever time allows)  to make it usable for personal budget related purposes like lodging time related matters like running expenses or occupancy expenses.
Changes to be madeEach user can make use of various devices at the same time for running expenses like computer/laptop, heater/fan/cooler etc